Why community and mentorships are vital for a great company

Hosts Tyler Kern and Greg Crumpton sit down with industry insider Blair Newsham, President of HSA Mechanical Services, to talk about their HVAC experiences, the importance of community and teaching skills non-technical for long-term leadership.

“The next generation is always on my mind,” Crumpton said.

As an experienced hvac industry veterinarian, Newsham values ​​empathy: “If you have a lot of technical talent but you…have no empathy…then you’re not going to be successful in this industry. I think we have to focus on being customer-centric, being customer-centric,” he said.

For Crumpton and Newsham, community outreach is relevant to building active business interaction and caring within the industry to help “change lives”.

“When you can find that thing that you really connect with, it’s such a rewarding thing,” Crumpton said.

“It makes you feel like part of the community,” Newsham pointed out.

Both Newsham and Crumpton recognize the value of community in the industry, but they also value building teams that strive to treat each other well and the company well, “My mission is to build the team “, and teaching people the craft and showing them that is a viable and great career path, Newsham said, “if you treat yourself well and you treat it (the company) well, it will be there for you .”

For HSA Mechanical, community and mentorship are key to delivering great business.

“There aren’t a lot of places that make you feel like they really care about you as a person and that’s what we’re trying to show,” Newsham said.

The next generation of workers and leaders know the value of community and recognize the importance of empathy in business to have a work-life balanced community. But for those who struggle to empathize, Newsham said mentorship is key: “It’s largely modeled behavior, not just taught. »

To find more information about Blair Newsham and his team, visit https://hsamechanical.com.

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