Why do British lawyers wear wigs? No they don’t troll you

Some traditions have been practiced for so long that people eventually forget why they are practicing them. Like saying “to your blessings” after a person sneezes, which would have been popularized by Pope Gregory I, who believed humans were likely to die while forcibly expelling air from their nostrils. The “bless you” protected them from an otherwise gnarled death.

This is just one of many traditions that endure, but what about the others? For example, why do British lawyers wear wigs?

Seriously, why do British lawyers wear wigs?

How weird and hilarious was it when you first scoured your social studies book as a kid and realized that George Washington wasn’t the only OG American politician to wear this ridiculous hairstyle? And how much stranger was it to discover that British legal workers today carry on the tradition of wearing a white wig that looks more like a caricature of a judge in law. Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride than in a modern courtroom?

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According to How things work, the sole purpose of a lawyer wearing a wig is to reinforce the idea of ​​anonymity; it is basically the same concept as “the law is blind”. The law should be “blind” to race, ethnicity, social status, net worth, Instagram followers, or your political affiliations.

The outlet likens the wig to a uniform: “Like many uniforms, wigs are an emblem of anonymity, an attempt to distance the wearer from personal involvement, and a means of visually leveraging the supremacy of the law, says Newton. Wigs are such a part of British criminal courts that if a lawyer does not wear a wig, it is considered an insult to the court. “

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Judges and lawyers also wear wigs, however, they are different from those worn by lawyers. Lawyer wigs have a bit more sparkle to them, and wigs that judges rock make them look more like an end boss than anyone in the courtroom.

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Why have people started to wear wigs? Because humans are disgusting.

Historically, some cultures did not like bathing or did not develop hygienic ways of living for one reason or another. By modern standards, life in 16th and 17th century Britain was somewhat appalling.

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This is because people don’t bathe very often and instead thought that it would be better to just wipe off. with a white linen canvas. No one seemed to really care about hygiene as they were probably wondering where their next meal would come from, so naturally lice became a huge problem.

Instead of, you know, changing society to find a way to lead a cleaner, healthier life, they decided to just put on wigs instead, and it sort of worked. Instead of attacking people’s real hair, lice infested wigs instead, so people were free to shave their scalp or cover their natural hair with a rag while a bunch of insects gathered. on their wigs instead.

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It must have helped that the wigs were made from white horsehair, with cheaper wigs made from shaved goat follicles instead. It didn’t take long for wigs to become a status symbol, and if that sounds weird to you, well, remember that sneakers turned into to be practical sportswear for a multi-billion dollar industry and there are people who dedicate their entire lives to reselling sneakers.

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