Winners Announced: 2022 Grano Law Offices “Bikes for Kids in New Mexico” Contest

  • Local children win one of twelve bikes sponsored by the Las Vegas, New Mexico law firm

On August 3, 2022, Grano Law Offices, PC selected 12 winners in the 2022 “Bikes for Kids in New Mexico” contest.

The winners were randomly chosen by founder and advocate, Marc A Grano, after asking area adults and parents to nominate a child they loved via a raffle-style submission.

The winners of Grano Law Offices, PC’s “2022 Bikes for New Mexico Kids” Essay Contest were randomly selected as follows:

  1. Santiago Cordova, nominated by Jamie Lovato
  2. Arlena Barragan, nominated by Leila Encinas
  3. Marissa Arguello, nominated by: Lucianne Gonzalez
  4. Daniel Garcia, nominated by Sara Martinez
  5. Julian Marquez, nominated by Ruben Marquez
  6. Kimberly Klassen, nominated by Ashleigh Klassen
  7. Dakota Ortiz, nominated by: Ernissa Romero
  8. DeCarlo Contreras, nominated by Ricardo Contreras
  9. Isabela Lujan, nominated by Diana and Dennis Lujan
  10. Tristan Lee, nominated by Arleen Romero
  11. Marcus Lee Romero, nominated by Arleen Romero
  12. Mariela Gonzales, nominated by Jeremy Gonzales

A big congratulations to all the winners of this year’s contest are in order!

To support healthy outlets, Grano Law Offices, PC wanted to run a contest that had a direct impact on children’s lives while rewarding them for their accomplishments.

The first competition started in July 2020 and continues in 2022.

The law firm accepted essay-style entries in the first two years. This year, the law firm changed the contest to a sweepstakes submission format. Applications were open throughout July 2022. Winners were chosen on 08/03/2022.

You can find out more about the contest and its rules by clicking here.

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