With Giuliani’s law license suspended, here are the other Trump lawyers who could face discipline next

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Trump’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani had his lawyer’s license temporarily suspended by the New York State Bar on Thursday for making “patently false and misleading statements” in his efforts to overthrow the presidential election, potentially becoming the first in a series of lawyers allied with Trump who could face delisting and other serious consequences for their post-election lawsuits.


The New York State Bar will hold a formal disciplinary hearing during which Giuliani can make his case and determine whether his license to practice law should be permanently revoked.

Georgia State Bar is investigating – and could potentially deregister – pro-Trump lawyer Lin Wood for his post-election conduct, including lawsuits aimed at overturning the results and spreading outlandish conspiracy theories involving VIPs such as Vice President Mike Pence and Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. John Roberts.

Ethics complaints have also been lodged with state bars in Arizona, Michigan and Texas against lawyers who filed post-election cases, including against Sidney Powell, a far-right lawyer who was the leading propagator of a fraudulent conspiracy theory involving Dominion Voting Systems’ voting machines.

Dominion and the voting machine company Smartmatic sued Powell and Giuliani, as well as MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell, in the Dominion case, and Fox News, accusing them of defamation by broadcasting false allegations about the voting machines. companies.

The state of Michigan and local authorities have asked a federal court to sanction Powell and his co-lawyers for their post-election trial in the state, Pennsylvania has requested punishments against attorneys who filed a fraud case in Colorado, and various state and local officials have asked Trump, Powell, and other attorneys to pay the defendants’ attorney fees for post-election cases they’ve brought.

Courts have already disciplined some of former President Donald Trump’s allies: a judge in Washington, DC, ordered lawyer Erick Kaardal before a disciplinary committee, the Arizona GOP was forced to pay $ 18,000 in legal fees and election officials in DeKalb and Cobb counties in Georgia were awarded attorney fees in a lawsuit Trump brought against them.

Crucial quote

In a post-election case in Pennsylvania, Giuliani himself “said, ‘I don’t know what’s more serious than being denied the right to vote in a democracy.’ We agree, ”the New York State Bar Grievance Board wrote in their decision suspend Giuliani’s license. “This is the very reason why disseminating false factual information to large segments of the public as a means of discrediting the rights of legitimate voters is so immediately damaging and justifies a temporary suspension from the practice of law.”

What to watch out for

Giuliani has the right to request a hearing to appeal the decision, although the committee predicted in its ruling that the lawyer’s alleged misconduct “is likely to result in substantial permanent penalties as a result of this disciplinary proceeding.” Prior to that, Giuliani and Powell will appear in court Thursday afternoon for a hearing on whether Dominion’s lawsuits against them should be dismissed. Powell and his co-lawyers in Michigan will also be appear in court on July 6 as the court examines whether the lawyers should be punished.

Chief Critics

Giuliani’s lawyers said in a declaration On Thursday, the lawyer’s license suspension was “unprecedented”, noting that they “felt our client does not present a current danger to the public interest” and predicting that Giuliani’s license would be reinstated after he will be able to present his case. Powell and Wood also defended their post-election actions and denounced efforts to punish them for their lawsuits. Wood unsuccessfully sued the Georgia State Bar in an attempt to prevent the investigation against him from moving forward, writing on Telegram after the trial failed, he “would never stop getting away from it all. fight … the corrupt and politically agenda-driven Georgia State Bar. ” Powell previously said in statements emailed to Forbes she thinks that the libel lawsuit against her is a “political maneuver.[s] motivated by the radical left which [have] no basis in fact or in law ”and decried Michigan authorities’ efforts to sanction it as“ another political publicity stunt, let alone a waste of taxpayer resources ”.

Key context

Trump and his allies have filed more than 60 post-election lawsuits challenging the vote count and seeking to overturn the results, all of which were unsuccessful except for a restrictive decision in Pennsylvania which only affected one small number of ballots. Giuliani led the legal efforts of the Trump campaign, although he only represented the president directly in a case in Pennsylvania, in which he quashed allegations of electoral fraud he had made outside of the House. courtroom and admitted during the hearing: “This is not a case of fraud. Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro and Governor Tom Wolf urged the New York State Bar to discipline Giuliani over his behavior in the trial, and the grievance committee noted the ‘distortion of the Giuliani’s case and conflicting statements as to whether he was alleging electoral fraud in his decision to suspend his license.


In addition to the lawsuits filed by Dominion and Smartmatic, Giuliani also faces two separate lawsuits from Democratic members of Congress alleging that the lawyer helped provoke the attack on the U.S. Capitol on January 6.

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