Woman2Woman, Unit 8200 Graduate Mentorship Program, Launches 6th Class

About fifty women were selected from among a thousand candidates to participate in the Woman2Woman mentoring program managed by the Unit 8200 Military Intelligence Alumni Association, the organization announced this week. Among those accepted are women from the Arab and ultra-Orthodox populations of Israel. The opening ceremony was held at the Peres Center for Peace and Innovation, and the mentors of the program carried out a tour titled “Women Creators of Innovation” which was created last week. Also on display at the ceremony were projects created by previous classes of participants. Women2Women was founded to promote women as well as to advance women to key positions in the Israeli economy, and has so far led five classes of their mentoring program. the privilege as women who have reached key positions to pass the torch and empower women to lead the way for other women, ”said Center Peres Executive Director Efrat Duvdevani.

Israeli women are more motivated (by 2.3% on average) than Israelis to seek business opportunities and gain independence and economic autonomy, according to the 2020 Mastercard Index of Women Entrepreneurs, which named Israel the best country in the world. world for women entrepreneurs. . The report found that Israel, the best performing country, is “a prime example of gender-specific support mechanisms with rapid and meaningful results.” Israel was in fourth place in 2019, and its recent success has been “due to targeted institutional support to SMEs” – small and medium-sized enterprises – and a concerted effort to double the number of female entrepreneurs, according to the report. promising statistics on women entrepreneurs, Israel ranked 30th out of 100 countries in the N26 women’s opportunities index for 2021.

The index examines progress on equality and career opportunities for women in the 100 selected countries with comparable data, and focuses on political and corporate leadership, gender pay gaps, legal support, maternity leave and more.Shira Silkoff contributed to this report.

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